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Subject: Down and Out - Chapter Two / Catagory High School.COPYRIGHT NOTICE:I, the author, retain all rights underage latinas naked to this story. Rights are granted to only to publish this written material on their website and all
mirror sites. This short story is not to be published anywhere else online.Down and Out
Chapter Two
Its 4:12pm, I decided I was going to walk home today instead of riding the
bus. Needless to say I need to think, not only about Jakob but life in
general. How has everything flipped on me in just one short day? Yesterday
I was merely the loner, the one nobody ever cared about. They would just as
soon ignore me than actually try to say hello.But somehow all that changed, and for the life of me I don't understand
it. Has fate finally decided to give me a chance at love? And if so, do I
love him? This feeling is rather overwhelming. For God's sake its only been
one day! Whatever it is that's happening to me, it's scaring the hell out
of me... but I think I like it.I turn to walk up my driveway and notice my mother's car sitting there, she
has already come home for the day which is a nice change. The poor woman is
always working, I think its a way for her to forget the fact that Dad isn't
here whenever she does come home. I nude underage women
can empythise with that decision, Its a
painful slap in the face when the house isn't as full as it once
was... when its not as noisy as it underaged model boys once was.I step into the back door, being careful to remove my shoes as not to track
in anything, and my mother is sitting at the kitchen table reading the news
paper. "Hello, Honey! How was school today? Do anything interesting?" How
does she always know? "Hey there, Mom!" I throw my book bag onto the
kitchen table chair and sit down next to her."I was placed in charge of a new student for a week, his name is Jakob, and
he's a really nice guy!" I told my mother, trying not to sound
over-excited!"Thats great Honey, but why did they place you in charge of this new
student? Don't they have someone already who is supposed to chapperone new
kids?" She somehow always has a way of figuring everything out without all
the information. There's no such thing as taking her to a movie theater
because she always has to blurt out something that gives away the end of
the movie, and the movie wont even be halfway through!"They do, but the Pricipal decided it would be best for me to show him
around and hang around him for a while because his mother passed away last
month. The poor kid is torn in two" I couldn't help but begin to grow a
little sad at my own words. My Mom just looked at me and assumed I was sad
because of Dad, but in reality I was sad because of the pain I saw in
Jakob's eyes earlier."Well, Jeremy, how do you feel about taking care of this boy nude underaged teen who just lost
his mother. Especially so soon after your Father's passing?" Oh God, that
look, I hate that look. She always gets this look on her face when she's
trying to protect me from her own pain. She puts on this show, her face
will appear really concerned in your favor, but what she's really doing is
hiding what she is truely feeling behind a strong exterior expression."I like it alot, Mom. I'm getting a chance to help him recover, and in one
day I watched his total attitude change from completely lost to
hopeful. He's from Germany, so it's important for him to have a friend."My mother got this quirky little smile on her face and asked me the most
dorky question... "Does you're little German friend know you're Jewish?""MOM!" She laughed harder than I had erotic teenies underage seen in a long time, since even before
Dad no nude underage
died. It did my heart good underage pantyhose girls to see it."I'm just kidding around with you, Honey! Relax! Here, I made this glass of
warm tea for you, I want you to go upstairs to your room and do your
homework." She got up from the table chuckling to herself as she walked out
of the room. "Yes, Ma'am." I gathered my books and made my way to the
stairs.On my way up I heard my mother shouting to me..."Oh, Jeremy! I recieved a
bonus from work today, I pitched in $1,000 to your bank account for your
car you've been saving up for!" That just tickled me pink! I raced up to my
room and sat at my computer, booted it up and got onto the website for video clip underage my
bank. I was sure I would have enough to by me a decent car now!"Bank ending balance, $00.00... Huh?!?!" I refresh the page to make certain
that my computer isn't messing up or something. It soon replaced the former
screen with the new, and I'm sitting here ready to go into a serious hissy
fit, so what do I do now? I even call the bank and ask the operator to
verify what I am seeing on the screen. There was no mistake, she tells me,
so I hang up on her."What the HELL!!!!" I could not believe my ears, there was...nothing!
NOTHING!!! My bank account was sitting at $00.00! At the top of my lungs I
let out a blood-curdling scream "MOM!!!!!" I ran as fast as I could down
the stairs, almost tripping on the clothes basket that was on the third
stair from the bottom. "MOM!!!!!!!!!!""What, what?!?!? Whats the matter!?!?!?!?" She looked at me in horror like
something was terribly wrong. "My account is EMPTY! We got to go down to
the bank and find out what the hell happened!" Her face went from worried
to pissed real fast! "Young man! If you curse at me again I will make
certain you never speak again!" I growled, grabbed her purse, fished out
the car keys, bolted out the door, and was in the passanger side of Mom's
car in no time!"Come on, come on, come on! Mom! Why are you going so slow!?!?!" She walked
in front of me, between the garage door and the nose of the Camry and just
stared at me with this great big smile on her face. I was actually
beginning to get mad at her, I wanted to find out what happened to my
$6,000 bucks that should have been in my account! Then she started to walk
away, towards the garage door."Mom! Please! Can we please go to the bank now?" She pressed the code into
the keypad on the garage door and it began to open. I jumped out of the car
to go up to her to find out why she was so calm when clearly I was in a
state of panic. Thats when something caught my eye. There it was, an
absolutely gorgeous cherry red camaro. Having an obsession with camaros I
could underage girl hardcore instantly tell it was a 2002 model, but it looked like brand new!"Mom?""Yes, Honey! It's yours! I have a friend who was selling his car and he
agreed to sell it to me because I knew this is what you wanted!" She was
beaming with pride! She saw the look on my face and was over-joyed that she
could help me get this perfect car! I now knew what happened to my bank
account, she went and withdrew it all to pay for this car. Easily done on
her part due to the fact that she and I have joint custody over the account
because I'm under 18."Is... is this really MY car, Mom?" I was about to jump out of my skin with
excitement, but I had to contain myself just in case I was wrong!"Yes, it is, Baby! Go on, you can do your homework later tonight, go have
fun!" She was smiling from ear to ear, then she got sturn sex underage sites "But if you get a
ticket I will make damn certain that you do community service to pay it
off! I may have recieved a bonus at work, but I'm not rich enough to pay
your fines! Am I clear?" I read her loud and clear! underaged model boys My mother was never one
to give idle threats, so she meant everything she said!"Yes, Ma'am! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I ran up to her and hugged
her so tight she actually yelped out that I was hurting her! I gave her a
kiss on the cheek and snatched the keys from her hand. I opened the driver
side door and took notice that it still had that new car smell! I was in
automotive heaven!!!The seat was so comfortable, it felt like it was rarely used. With the key
inserted I started it up... real underage pic It was the most beautiful underage foreign pussy sound I had ever
heard! Just then... "Holy shit!" I saw how many miles were on it and rolled
down the window. "Mom, it only has 16,000 miles on it! Did your friend ever
drive this thing?" She heard what I said and her jaw fell to the floor. She
took a glance at the dash board and simply said "Not only is Eric nice, but
he's also stupid! You practicly have a brand new car!""Thanks again, Mom! I'm gone! Hahahahaaaa!" I rolled down the driveway, and
headed out. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew where I wanted to
be... Jakob's house. I remember that during our last period of school today
he said he lived over on the corner of 8th Street and Park Junction Drive,
so thats where I headed. "I love my new car!" I thought to myself.Ten minutes pass and it only feels like I just left my driveway, I found my
way to Park Junction and I'm now driving around until I find 8th, which
really isn't going to take long... there's hardly anything out here! I'm
shocked because I wasn't aware that we had farm land like this out here in
this city. Still looking around I see a sight that catches my full
attention so I decide to pull over and get out. A full sized red colored
barn with the white cross-beams, like you would see in old western movies!
I couldn't resist myself, I just have to take some pictures, so I pull out
my cell nn underage teens phone and activate the camera.After I'm satisfied that I have enough pictures, I close my phone and just
happen to glance at the street sign... this is the corner of 8th Street and
Park Junction. There's nothing else here on this corner! Jakob lived in the
little farm house next to that massive barn! Wow! I hope nobody saw my out
here snapping pictures of their house! That would be a little akward to
explain!I get back in my car and pull it closer to the house, I didn't want to
walk... that would mean less time I got to drive my car! Step out, lock it
all up, and head up the steps to ring the doorbell. Some lady answers, and
she has a thick German accent. "Yeap, right place" is all that went through
my mind. "Hello Ma'am, is Jakob home? I'm a friend from school, my name is
Jeremy""Yes, Jeremy, he told me about you when he got home from school. He is
upstairs if you would like to go see him." She underage pantis backed up and stepped aside
to allow me room to enter the house, it was very tastefully
decorated. "Thank you, ......Mrs?" I stopped, giving her room to tell me
her name. "You can call me Mrs. Weller. Would you like something to drink?""No, thanks though!""Your'e welcome, underage cunnilingus Jeremy. Jakobs room is up the stairs and second on the
right." I looked over at the staircase, it had a really nice pollished
cherry-wood finish. "Thank you, Mrs Weller!" Once I reach the top I look to
my right and see that the second door is slightly jarred open, being nosey
I slowly walked over and peeked in. He was changing his clothes! I get to
see him change, wow! First went the shirt, then the shoes and socks. Next
came the pants, I was thuroughly enjoying this show!Just then... the underwear fell to the floor, Jakob was standing there
naked before me! I instantly got turned on by this, who wouldn't? I got to
see everything, stepping out of his briefs he did this adorable little
shuffle-type dance to get them off his feet. I had to step back and walk
away from the door or else he would hear my muffled snickers of laughter!I waited a minute to allow him time to get dressed, but mainly to allow
myself time to cool down! No way in Hell did I want Jakob to know I was
laughing at him! I think I have given him long enough now... time to knock
on the door. I knock, wait, wait some more, then finally he says "You can
come in now, Leonie." He thinks I'm Mrs Weller... I carefully slide open
the door and see him laying on the bed facing the opposite wall in nothing
but a pair of boxer shorts. He looked so sad laying there cradling himself."I'm not hungry, thanks anyways, Leonie. I'm just gonna go to sleep if
thats ok." underage 15 porn I quietly took off my shirt and set it on the desk chair. I
stood there for a moment just contemplating what to do next, he didn't have
any clue it was me in his room. So I look back to make sure I had closed
the door, I did. Turn back and crawl into bed with him, right behind
him. "Leonie please, I just want to sleep."I whispered in his ear underage girl hardcore the same way I had done in school earlier, "Then let
me help you get comfortable." His head shot up and turned back putting his
nose to mine. "Jeremy! What... how did you... uh... huh?!?! I don't
understand." He had this look of excitement yet total confusion on his
face, it was underage adult comics cute! Kind of like a little boy on Christmas morning, ready to
take a swan dive into a mountain of presents!"I drove over and found your house, you told me the cross streets earlier
in school, remember? Anyways, I wanted to see you again. If you want to be
alone for a little while I can go...." I couldn't finish my words before he
cut me off. "NO! Stay here with me, don't go." I leaned forward and gave
him a soft kiss to his beautiful lips, they slightly twitched because he
was still attempting to calm down after crying just a few short seconds
ago."Dont worry, babe, I'm not going anywhere. Now, Jakob, your'e tired. I can
see it in your eyes, go ahead and turn back over... I'll be here long
enough to see you go to sleep then I will see you in the morning for
school." I tucked myself in right behind him, my bare chest to his bare
back, he's so warm and soft. I could lay like this until the end of days,
or at least as long as I knew he wanted me underage dance clubs there."Thank you, Jeremy." His voice was dimming, I could tell he was close to
being asleep, the poor kid was exhausted. "Your'e welcome, Jakob." I
wrapped my arms around young underage hardcore his warm abdomen to make him feel safe and secure,
and tucked my legs right up into the back of his for support. My face was
nestled up against the back of his head, I could smell him. That fragrance
made me feel special, special to be the one that his beautiful boy video clip underage wanted
around to help him fall asleep.I've never felt like this, it's a lighter than air feeling, and I don't
ever want it to end. I have never done anything to make me worthy of
deserving such a perfect moment. These are the kinds of things that only
happen in fairy tales and movies, not to a loser like me. I lay here
holding this perfect boy, counting my stars that I have been given this
opportunity, and look to the ceiling and give God a smile and a thank you.I turn back to Jakob and just look at the back of his head, still not fully
comprehending how fate had underage lesbian pics given me this chance. A light nn underage teens kiss to the back
of his head, his hair underage sex teen tickled my lips as they departed. Upon release of my
show of effection fresh nude underage
to Jakob, I heard him sigh in contention. He was out like
a light, and my kiss made him feel better. Better enough to fall asleep in
my arms. I decided not to get up just yet, I'll wait a little more...As for now, I'm enjoying holding my boy.
***There will be another follow-up chapter to this, not sure exactly how
many installments there will be just yet. Please write to me at and let me know if my story was any good. If you hated
it, at least be nice about it, this is only the first story i've ever
written after all!
There are absolutely NO truths to this work of fiction. I never lost my
dad, in fact he is alive and well and happily underaged masturbation sites
annoying the hell out of my
mother and vice kdz underage 14
versa. Any similarities to any place or persons, living or
dead, is purely coincidental.
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